I was born in Baltimore Maryland, but I've lived in Delmar, Maryland nearly my entire life. I was drawn to animals from the beginning. I remember at five it was "G" day for show and tell and I had permission to bring my goat in. I always had a connection with animals. That included bringing home countless animals that my family didn't have room for but still managed to help them back on to their feet and find a forever home. I finally was able to get my first "big" dog at twelve years old, on the condition that I had to train her. Little did my aunt know, this would light a flame inside me that could never be snuffed out. I trained Scarlet (my Australian Shepherd) in obedience, but that wasn't enough. I then started doing makeshift agility and teaching her to carry things. As a middle school project I taught my class how to teach their dog to jump over a gate, looking back I'm sure it wasn't the best idea.


I landed a job at a nationwide corporation where I was able to professionally train dogs for three years. My German Shepherd Ulla, has been with me from the start of my career and also my test subject for everything. She is trained in obedience on and off leash as well as trained to perform special tasks as my service animal. I want to make a bigger impact on lives, both human and canine, and that's what lead me to K9 Heeling. I couldn't ask to work with a more qualified, passionate, and dedicated group of people and I am appreciative for everything I have learned and will continue to learn from them. I can't wait to be a part of a life changing experience for your family.



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