Welcoming our guests to come, stay and play.
(eligible for previously trained guests only)

$25/night (per extra dog)
$25 fee for major holidays

**Discount for extended stays**

Drop off and Pick up available 7 days a week.

We've asked our parents and they said "YES"!  We're allowed to have our friends come spend the night, as long as we're on our best behavior.

Notice we don't call it "Boarding".  That's because we're not a boarding facility.  We have specifically created a home environment that, unlike traditional boarding facilities, is designed around 1 on 1 time, attention and care for the dogs.  We have "socials" each day so that the dogs can play with their friends and practice the oh-so important art of co-existing and interacting with other dogs. Not only that but they can also get pampered with several Spa Services such as bath, nails, behavioral brushing and many other services. To see and schedule boarding and our Spa options just click on our overnight request form below. 

Along with the extensive fun and pampering there is also lots of structure and clear boundaries.  We find that the dogs thrive when they are crystal clear on what their guidelines are.  And yes, of course we will be ensuring the dogs have good manners throughout their visit.

Overnight Request Form:

Please use this link to request a boarding stay.

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