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"I'm long overdue in touching base and I wanted to let you know that Skye has been doing great! She’s overall more calm and more good natured with everyone. She’s confidant, friendly, affectionate and not nearly as reactive, if at all.
I was out of town for 10 days and just got back. When I walked in the door and finished giving her love, I then put her in her 'place' while I brought the luggage in the house. Place is one of the most useful of all commands! It keeps her calms her down, keeps her safe and it buys me time whether that’s to open the door, eat dinner or nearly anything!
Also, I wanted you to know how happy we are with the K9 Precision collar that both Skye and Cheddar use. Our daughter Lily can walk Skye all by herself without worry of Skye lunging at an animal and pulling her down. It’s amazing. Our dog walker loves them as well."
- Christina


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