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"We got Echo from a breeder when he was 8 weeks old. At about 5 months, we discovered he had severe hip dysplasia is both hips and would need surgery for a full hip replacement. Echo was also an extremely timid pup. Scared of men and new people. Mitch took the time to come weekly and work with Echo on basic commands and helped us address his confidence issues. His firm, but gentle approach was right on point! After Echo's surgery & recovery, Mitch took Echo for a 2 week board & train. Picking Echo up, we saw an entirely different pup! He was still sweet and loving, but it was now obvious that he had needed more structure from us! We now use the "place" command for Echo often. It really helps him gain his confidence when new people come into our home or if they knock at the door. We are so grateful to have been referred to Mitch & the K9 Heeling family! We would recommend his training services to anyone with a dog...large or small!"



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