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"We walked this morning, no leash. (I carry it for safety, but he hasn't used it in a long time now) Passed two walkers with dogs on leashes. One was a giant poodle, out of control. The lady saw me coming and I could see the distress on her face as I kept walking toward her with Charlie not on a leash. (That used to be me) I told her don't worry, my dog is trained. "Charlie, sit". He did. I said to her "go ahead with your walk, my dog is fine". She looked at me with envy and I was just eating it up! The other dog was smaller and barked his head off on his leash the whole time. Charlie is to the point now where any time he sees people coming, with or without dogs, he runs to me and heels. I don't even have to say it, he knows what to do. It's amazing. Then people ask can they say hello and I give him his release command and he walks to them and sits so they can pet him. It's just a dream come true to have a golden retriever this well behaved!!"



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