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"Thank you so much for all the work with Randy. He has grown into a little man compared to the crazy puppy he was before. Just so you know - before we committed to K9 Heeling, we received great feedback and also some cautions. Oh- they use an ecollar. Oh- they are so expensive. Blah Blah Blah. Frankly, Marshall and I are ones to establish our own thinking and make our own decisions. The price was a huge commitment for us - as recently starting my own business, I have been without income for 3 months now. However, we knew that for Randy to have the life he deserves while keeping our sanity we had to do it. The board and train program that you have in place works and we look forward to having a better relationship with our dog because of it. Now to the e-collar, I was nervous about this too. However, the use of this collar in your program is so different than what I think most understand. So far, Randy and I have been off leash multiple times and I have only needed to use the vibrate command. I am so happy about this and I know he is too! Lastly, Mitch and Morgan were a huge help in coaching us - Randy's parents. From educating us on how our personal lack of confidence and tenseness at times affects him to human basics of leash and off leash obedience, they have been absolutely wonderful. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!"



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