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"Hi Mitch, I just wanted to let you know that my GSD Sascha passed away this afternoon. The vet found a mass in her abdomen yesterday. We had a surgery scheduled, but today the mass ruptured. She was gone in the blink of an eye. Thanks to our training with you, though, I think she had a pretty full life. Trips to the beach, camping and hiking, and lots of boat rides. Last summer she and I even took a road trip down to the Florida Keys for a couple of weeks, and we had a blast. I could take her pretty much anywhere and trust her to always stay by my side, even in hectic situations.  She loved to go out to the garden with me in the mornings - she'd chase a few sticks, then hang out and keep watch while I watered my plants. I never had to worry about her wandering off or getting onto the road, because when I called her to me, she came running. Even when something as exciting as a stray cat or a bicycle went past. Training got us through, too, when she had some 'sibling rivalry'  issues with our Boxer Daisy. It took some time but we finally got them to the point where they could get along again. We also had to work quite a bit on getting her acclimated to our cats - and with each new cat, we had to start all over! - but training got us there every time. I just wanted to say that I appreciate all that you did for us. We came to you eight years ago just wanting a solid recall, but we got so much more. It was wonderful having a reliably trained dog that I could trust, that I could take places, and that I could enjoy life with without worries about her safety." - Laura


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