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top training tips

Dog Training 101 - STEP 1: Understanding Motivation

This is where you must begin to start training your dog, don't skip this video!!

Understanding some basics is important before you begin training your dog.  This video introduces the first step in being able to successfully influence your dogs behavior.  Understanding the 3 main types of motivators and how we can control and ultimately utilize them to our advantage.

Dog Training 101 - Step 2: Management by Restriction/Getting Attention

Set you and your dog up for success

One of the most important principles in dog training is to have realistic and strategic expectations of how a dog should be behaving.  It's unrealistic to expect a small puppy to be free in your home and not cause some type of issue.  Whether it be potty accidents, chewing up belongings, etc...  The principle of "Management by Restriction" takes the pressure off of you and the dog and puts you in far more positions to build a trusting and positive relationship the animal.

Dog Training 101 - Step 3: Shaping and Marking Behaviors

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As we progress in the training program this video articulates how to start creating and capturing the behaviors that you want to see from your dog. It's a critical step on your way to Obedience as this will help lay the foundation for your future commands.

This would be considered a Phase 1 training exercise as we're predominately utilizing Positive Reinforcement and Negative Punishment. 

Puppy Training at K9 Heeling

A glimpse into what it's like for a puppy to come stay with us at The CalmPound.

In this video you see some of the exercises a young dog will do and learn while staying with us to learn some of their basics.  The dog in this video is a 12 week old Greater Swiss Mountain Dog named Swizzy.


Happy Dog Training!

Resource Guarding Prevention

A very common and potentially serious behavior problem can be prevented with this exercise.

Our dual training system in a nutshell

Ultimately instructing on how to teach a reliable "sit".

This training system has been in development for over 50 years.  I've been studying/implementing it for over 10.  It combines the joys of training/teaching with food and the necessity of utilizing physical pressure to achieve fun and reliable results across a broad range of dogs.

How to: Beginner Dog Training

The beginning phases of our dog training system

This video will provide you with a hands on look at how we begin our dog training programs.  While each dog is different, you will see that overall we utilize the same philosophies and principles over and over.  The foundation work in this video is beneficial for anyone who is interested in improving their communication lines with their dog.

A reference video....

for already trained dogs.

This is an example of a dog that has gone through our training program and what we expect once the dog goes home.  This video offers a demonstration of the foundation commands of "Come, Sit, Down, Heel, and Place".  Once the foundation is clearly taught to the dog they can thrive within those clear parameters.


Top Training Tip #1

Work With Mother Nature

Trying to impose your will unto a dog will most likely leave you frustrated and the dog confused and potentially unsure of the handler.  A much more effective approach to creating your desired behaviors in your dog will be to utilize her natural instincts and her style of communication, not yours.

Top Training Tip #2

Superior Intelligence

While dog's may posess many qualities that could be deemed as "better" than humans, intelligence is not one of them.  Our ability to think ahead, plan, manipulate, reflect, coordinate, etc... gives us a major upper hand when training a dog.  Going into your training sessions, daily routines or dog ownership in general with a well thought out plan and you'd be amazed at how you're able to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

Top Training Tip #3

Be Creative


Top Training Tip #4

Be Precise


Top Training Tip #5

Bond With The Dog

It's easy to get caught up in very focused obedience.  Especially when you're consistently working with multiple dogs.  However, creating a bond with the dog should always be at the heart of your thoughts, actions and plan.

Top Training Tip #6

Teach In Phases


A Principle of Dog Training


Complete Control - Off Leash Demonstration


Stay and Train with K9 Heeling

Before and After clips of a dog that stayed with us for training.

Wilson is a Standard Poodle that came to us with "standard problems".  Watch as we give you a glimpse into the experience and the results of a training program with K9  Heeling.

Happy Dog Training!

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