This is where you must begin to start training your dog, don't skip this video!!

Understanding some basics is important before you begin training your dog.  This video introduces the first step to successfully influencing your dogs behavior.  This will allow you to better understand the 3 main types of motivators in dog training and how we can control and ultimately utilize them to our advantage.

How to: Beginner Dog Training

The beginning phases of our dog training system.

This video will provide you with a hands on look at how we begin our dog training programs.  While each dog is different, you will see that overall we utilize the same philosophies and principles from dog to dog.  The foundation work in this video is beneficial for anyone who is interested in improving their communication lines with their dog.

Resource Guarding Prevention

A very common and potentially serious behavior problem can be prevented with this exercise.

Top Training Tip #1

Work With Mother Nature

Trying to impose your will unto a dog will most likely leave you frustrated and the dog confused and potentially unsure of the handler.  A much more effective approach to creating your desired behaviors in your dog will be to utilize their natural instincts and their style of communication, not yours.

Top Training Tip #2

Superior Intelligence

While dog's may possess many qualities that could be deemed as "better" than humans, intelligence is not one of them.  Our ability to think ahead, plan, manipulate, reflect, coordinate, etc... gives us a major upper hand when training a dog.  Go into your training sessions, daily routines, or dog ownership in general with a well thought out plan and you'd be amazed at how you're able to achieve what you set out to accomplish.

Top Training Tip #3

Be Creative

Top Training Tip #4

Be Precise

Top Training Tip #5

Bond With The Dog

It's easy to get caught up in very focused obedience.  Especially when you're consistently working with multiple dogs.  However, creating a bond with the dog should always be at the heart of your thoughts, actions, and overall plan.

Top Training Tip #6

Teach In Phases

Introduction to the Release Command
A Principle of Dog Training
Complete Control - Off Leash Demonstration
18 Day Obedience Boot Camp

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