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Grooming services

We're so excited to have Zoe Ruhl on our team. Born and raised in Maryland's Agricultural Reserve, she grew up around animals her whole life. She groomed horses as a kid and her affinity for grooming dogs flourished at age eight when she began helping her Dad with bathing and eventually grooming their family’s three Standard Poodles.


Over the years our crew has done an amazing job with “standard” spa services but as with everything, we continually evolve to provide the best possible service to our canine community. The combination of her skill set matched with the K9 Heeling Team's behavioral support enables us to provide the ultimate positive experience for your dog.


Her former clientele followed her here because she is so awesome

and NOW she is ready and available to each of you.


Per usual, you can continue to book your grooming services while your dog is here for boarding, but additionally, we are NOW offering you the ability to request individual, standalone grooming appointments.

K9 Heeling Dog Grooming Logo. Salisbury MD.
Zoe, certified groomer for K9 Heeling. Poodle cuts.
Zoe Ruhl, Spa Manager

Client Testimonial

"I just wanted to let you all know that we are SO, SO pleased with Vada's grooming! This is the first time in all the times I've had her cut/trimmed (elsewhere) that we've actually loved how it was done. She's perfect. :) 

Thank you SO MUCH for your attention to detail! :)"

- Jess 

Precision cuts, bathing, outdoor dogs.
Doodle Grooming.
Ellie, Golden Doodle
Dirty Doodle, active, playtime, social dogs.
Doodle with a perfect trim after grooming.
Vada, Golden Doodle
Dog Hair Cuts, Dog Nail Trims, Dog Bathing
Poodles, Doodles, Labs, German Shepherds
Harley, Aussiedoodle

Full service spa package

Includes bath with custom shampoo & conditioner, brush, blow dry, nails, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal gland expression as needed, cologne, and accessory (*if nails require muzzle or 2nd person, $25 upcharge)


Small (0-25 Ibs) - $70.00+ ...........About 2-3 hours

Medium (26-50 Ibs) - $80.00+.....About 3-4 hours 

Large (51-75 Ibs) - $95.00+ .........About 4-5 hours

X-L (76-100 Ibs) - $115.00+..........About 4-5 hours 

Giant (101+ Ibs) - $140.00+.........About 5+ hours 


*Above pricing are base rates for short coats (med.-long coats add $10)


Custom Haircut & full service spa package

Includes HAIRCUT, bath with custom shampoo & conditioner, brush, blow dry, nails, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, anal gland expression as needed, cologne, and accessory 

(*if nails require muzzle or 2nd person, $25 upcharge)


Small - $90.00+ ..................About 2-3 hours

Medium - $110.00+............About 3-4 hours 

Large & XL - $135.00+ ......About 4-5 hours  

Giant - $160.00+................About 5+ hours


*Above pricing are base rates. Coat condition, temperament and  haircut style will affect these prices*


a la carte services

*Add any of these services to the Full Spa Packages above

  • Basic Bath & Blow Dry ONLY

          Small (0-25 lbs) - $30.00+

          Medium (26-50 lbs) - $40.00+

          Large (51-75 lbs) - $55.00+

          X-L (76-100 lbs) - $75.00+

          Giant (101+) - $85.00+

  • Nails - $32.00 (*if requires muzzle or 2nd person, $25 upcharge)

  • Nail Painting - $10.00

  • Face Trim - $20.00

  • Sanitary Trim - $20.00

  • Paw Pad Trim - $17.00

  • Anal Gland Expression - $25.00

  • Teeth Brushing - $15.00

  • Blueberry Facial - $10.00

  • Ear Cleaning/Plucking - $17.00

  • De-skunking - $50.00

  • Dematting - $2.00/min

  • Thorough Brushout - $20 

  • Deshedding Package $ depends on Breed/Size/Coat


*Flea bath ($30 flat rate) will automatically be done to all dogs found with fleas

Dog Spa, Grooming Salon, Pet Services, Grooming Table,  Dog Bathing, Dog Nails.
The Spa

Please note that any last minute cancellations (less than 24 hour notice) are subject to a fee of 25% of grooming rate; no shows are subject to a fee of 50% of grooming rate. 

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