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"First of all I can’t believe it’s been 3 months! Using the new collar has been amazing!! It saved us from having to install an invisible fence in our yard. Instead, we have a portable invisible fence. We can letGriffinout in our yard or anywhere without a leash and he comes immediately when we call him. He heels on walks beautifully too. Family members who visited recently all commented on how much calmer he is and well behaved.

The individual follow-up session we had with Mitch was the turning point for us. It gave us hands-on experience with the remote and that was critical. We went home knowing how to use it with Griffin and having the confidence that Griffin would respond consistently.

The video on how to use the collar, charge it, turn it on and off and all that was great too. I remember struggling to figure out how to charge the collar and remote before I saw the video.

We are so happy we found K9 Heeling. You are all incredible! Griffin seems to know when it’s Wednesday for Day Play. He’s so excited to be with you and that speaks volumes.

Thank you for the wonderful work you do!"

~Mike & Karen/Griffin~


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