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Our goal on this page is to:


      "Provide information that will empower and inspire dog owners/professionals to reach their personal goals."

      "To offer easy to consume information and techniques that can be applied by everyday dog owners."

Foundation Dog Training

       Link to The Foundation Pyramid

                          Debruzzi Video explaining it

        Basic Needs 

        Leadership Chart

        Command Structure

        Premack Principle 

        Operant Conditioning

Before you Start


     Encouraging  - you can do it

     Link to Katy Video - before during and after


Dogs are learning 100% of the time and whatever is reinforced you'll get more or, good or bad.

            Training happens by choice not by chance

            Training Guidelines


Getting Started

     Establish Operations 

            Management by Restriction

Training has been divided into 3 Phases

This can be seen in our 

        Training Progress Tracking Sheet 

Phase 1

Phase 2

Phase 3




How to Handle Common Concerns

       Click here to see a list of common concerns with links to information and techniques that can be helpful.

Other Resources - from 2 day workshop

Verbal Cues

Heeling Chart

Housebreaking Chart


Canine Body Language

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