We walked this morning, no leash.  (I carry it for safety, but he hasn't used it in a long time now)  Passed two walkers with dogs on leashes.  One was a giant poodle, out of control.  The lady saw me coming and I could see the distress on her face as I kept walking toward her with Charlie not on a leash. (That used to be me)  I told her don't worry, my dog is trained.  "Charlie, sit".  He did.  I said to her "go ahead with your walk, my dog is fine".  She looked at me with envy and I was just eating it up!  The other dog was smaller and barked his head off on his leash the whole time.  Charlie is to the point now where any time he sees people coming, with or without dogs, he runs to me and heels.  I don't even have to say it, he knows what to do.  It's amazing.  Then people ask can they say hello and I give him his release command and he walks to them and sits so they can pet him.  It's just a dream come true to have a golden retriever this well behaved!!! 



We got Echo from a breeder when he was 8 weeks old. At about 5 months, we discovered he had severe hip dysplasia is both hips and would need surgery for a full hip replacement.  Echo was also an extremely timid pup. Scared of men and new people.
Mitch took the time to come weekly and work with Echo on basic commands and helped us address his confidence issues. His firm, but gentle approach was right on point!

After Echo's surgery & recovery,  Mitch took Echo for a 2 week board & train. Picking Echo up, we saw an entirely different pup! He was still sweet and loving, but it was now obvious that he had needed more structure from us!  We now use the "place" command for Echo often.  It really helps him gain his confidence when new people come into our home or if they knock at the door.

We are so grateful to have been referred to Mitch & the k-9 Heeling family!  We would recommend his training services to anyone with a dog...large or small!

Here's a few pics of our goofy pup with his best buddies, our kiddos. :)


My greyhound Evie was so stubborn. No matter what I did to try to train her she wouldn't respond. She would never come to me when I called her.  When I took her home from K9 heeling she was a different dog! She not only listens to me, she has so much confidence. I can now leave the room without her following me. She seems so much happier now. I used to be afraid of her running out the door and down the street.  Now we walk the neighborhood off the leash. She doesn't leave my side. Between the follow up calls and home visit, it was so easy to continue her training at home. I am so grateful to K9 heeling. They did a great job! Evie and I are so happy with them.



Have you ever had a party or even just a guest over and felt like you had to apologize to your friends the whole time because of your dog? Do you have to keep your distance from others while walking your dog because you know its front paws will end up right in someone's stomach? Do you follow your dog around the dog park, ready to peel him off of other dogs when he decides he's going to hump them? Then when it's time to leave, do you have to embarrassingly chase your dog around to catch it? Do you find yourself yelling at your dog for excessively barking at everything and nothing all at the same time? Do you love your dog so much but feel like you are the only person in the world that can see his good qualities? Well let me tell you- my dog Kindu, was all of these things and more before he did a board and train at K9. Kindu went from death row at a shelter, to a foster home, was adopted and returned for being too hyper and then I came along, a true sucker for the dog that no one wanted..... but boy was he a bad dog! 


I live in the DC area but after some research, I felt like it was worth the trip over the bridge to get the best possible care and results for Kindu, and I was right! The first morning after picking up Kindu from K9, we walked to the coffee shop. I put Kindu in a down while I went in to order my coffee. He stayed in his down when the barista brought my coffee out, while the cocker spaniel across the street was barking at him, while a curious lab walked by, and with several people strolling by. I could not believe what I was witnessing. Kindu's personality is the same. He's goofy and extra happy about life and very loving, but his demeanor in general has changed. He is a calm and relaxed dog. He doesn't seem stressed at all, and in return, I am no longer stressed about his bad behavior. I see people struggling with their dogs and I think to myself 'That used to be me!'... but not anymore, because now I finally have the dog I've always wanted! 


The team at K9 is wonderful. They keep you posted with pics and videos during your dog's training. Trust me, your dog isn't missing you while they are away! It's like a summer camp for dogs! They get play dates, pool time, field trips and plenty of one-on-one attention. The staff spend plenty of time with you at pick-up to explain all the commands they have taught your dog and they answer all of your questions. The e-collar training made me hesitant at first, but once it was explained to me how it works and why it works, I realized it was a great option for effective training. My only regret is that I didn't invest in Kindu sooner. His training at K9 has changed our lives for the better! I'm no longer the only person who loves my dog- he's become quite the popular guy among my friends and family! 


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