Client Portal Information

How to Get Started: 

1. If you are already a client, you can click "Client Portal" and sign in with the email address you have on file with us. You will be sent an email to set up your portal password. If you are a new client, click on "Interested in Services?" and complete the  form and someone will be in contact with you. 

2. Both existing and new clients will be asked to sign our "waiver" upon signing in. 


 Your dashboard will look similar to this: 


How to Register for a DayPlay Membership: 

1. Once you are logged into your client profile, select the red button (2nd button from the top) that says "Purchase Training Packages/DayPlay Subscriptions". 

2. You will be presented with three tabs on the menu. Select the third option that says "Subscriptions". 

4. Once you select "Subscriptions", you will be brought to the DayPlay membership page. Please select which membership you would like and when you would like it to begin. 

5. If you have not already, you will be prompted to enter your credit card information. Make sure you select "use this card" and then select "save". 

6. You should now be successfully subscribed to a DayPlay membership. 

7. Please email us at with your desired days of the week (available only Tues/Wed/Thurs) and drop-off/pick-up times so we can make your reservations for you. 


How to Register for Overnight Stays, Overnight Stay Evaluations, & DayPlay Evaluations: 

1. Once you are logged into your client profile, select the blue button (1st button at the top) that says "Request Services". 

2. This menu will pop up: 

Select the first option that says "Request a Reservation".

3. You will be brought to this screen where you can fill out the details of your reservation. If applicable to your reservation type, options for additional services will be available.

4. Once you are done, select "Save" and we will be notified of your new reservation :)  

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