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Bailey is doing SO WELL!! Best money ever spent.

-A few times a week we practice our boundaries in the yard and she passes test every time.

-She’s a joy to walk now! I have to remind her to heel every few minutes, but then she’s back on track.

-Bailey will peacefully rest in her “place” while we eat dinner.

-She doesn’t loudly bark at every little thing that passes by. She has to us cute little small “letting you know” bark which I don’t mind. -She gently plays with our cat now, instead of trying to bite his head off lol with love of course!!

- She is more gentle with our soon too! Before, Jonah would run and Bailey would chase him. Now I can say Bailey no, and she stops!

- Jonah left the fence open one day, and I looked out and Bailey was with the neighbor. He was trying to get her to come to him. My husband opened the door, yelled “Bailey come” and along she came! Her recall has really grown.

-Overall, she just listens and understands what we need from her. It has been such a difference!!

- I think she may know I’m pregnant because she is at my side 24/7. It’s adorable.

- We continue to work with her greeting people. She is still very excited and wants ALL the love. But it’s a work in progress!

We really couldn’t be happier with her outcomes. There’s so much more I can brag about, but I won’t ;) We are so thankful for everyone at K9 heeling!!



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