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When we got home, it was like I had a different dog! She was polite, let me lead, and allowed me my own personal space...just because I sit down doesn't mean you can get in my lap or I'm going to pet you...We did practice indoors with sit, wait, stay, come, and place. I really haven't had to use the transmitter....

My last dog, Lily, was also trained by K9 Heeling but she passed away. This morning, I said, "Lily, come"by accident. Gidget didn't move. When I realized what I said, I corrected "Gidget, come" and she came right to me...We did manage to play fetch up and down the hallway over the weekend and outside yesterday and this morning. Now my focus is going to be to stop her from tunneling in the backyard. My downfall with Lily was consistency and practice but I'm striving to do a better job this time...Thanks again for training Gidget to be the best dog she can be!!!



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