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"Simon is absolutely amazing! He is such a good boy. Walking is wonderful and he almost never needs a reminder. When he does a simple "heel" reins him right in. Not jumping on guests is going well. He comes running but seems to remember on his own and pulls up short. Then he looks to me like"wasn't I a good boy?" and gets happy when I say so! We're working on the grab and run thing like socks and he knows it's wrong but just has to test me. He's finding that I'm not giving up on this. He tries very hard to resist but "mom it's a sock! " I am thrilled with the results of his training and can't thank you enough. The most amazing thing is at night when I call him and go to the bedroom he follows and goes right into his crate. It used to be a hassle to get him to go in there. Thank you so much for getting both of us headed in the right direction to a good life together."



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